Frequently Asked Questions



What is Four Mounntain Music?

Four Mountainns Music is an independent music label with the aim of making artists independent. Our label services grow with you and they are bookable individual! No commission, no small print, no bullshit. Get what you deserve! :)

What does it cost?

Our label services are according to your wishes bookable individual, no hidden kosts.

Can you become my label?

Four Mountains Music is YOUR independent label, and this without contractually binding you or exploitation of you. You can use us as your label or you can chose someone else, you, the artist, should have your career in your hand.

Who get the rights of my work?

You! We represent you, but we will never take your exclusive rights away from you. Your earnings are 100% your, too.

Which services offers Four Mountains Music for labels?

Labels are also able to book our label services individual and easy without any risks.

How is Four Mountains Music different from other labels?

In contrast to oder music labels, we do not keep you trapped in contracts, we do not make empty promises, we leave you your rights of your songs & we do not collect commissions. Our aim is your success with coexisting inndependence!

Can I contact you directly?

Sure! Bbe welcome to write a mail at


How can I channge my adress?

You can change and safe your adress easily in your user account.

Wher can I see past purchases?

As soon as your logged in in your user account, you can see past purchases in "My orders".

How can I change my payment details?

As soon as your logged in in your user account, you can change your paymennt details for further purchases in "Payment details".


Which payment methods are available?

You can pay flexible with credit card, giropay, PayPal or direct bank transfer.

Any Questions?